Entrepreneur Turned GOP Candidate Against Sen. Metzger In SD-42 Interviewed By Lalor On WKIP

Sen. Carlucci Introduces Bill To Add Domestic Terrrism Crime To The Penal Law

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Lalor Named Grand Marshal Of 25th Dutchess County Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee

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Putnam Sheriff’s Deputy Stabbed By Suspect

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No More Cellphones In New Paltz Schools, It Could Happen

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Fishkill Property Owner Wants Revolutionary-Themed Hotel, Museum, Shops, Group Want To Take His Land

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Bail Reform: New Paltz Man Arrested, Released, Arrested Again In Domestic Dispute: Police

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Montgomery Considers Moratorium On Big Wharehouses

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New York Dems Vote To Let Illegal Immigrants Vote

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Pistol Permits Spike In Wake Of Monsey Hanukkah Attack

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Cyber Security Summit At Marist Draws 300 Participants

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Orange County Exec Pushing Back Against AG Intervention

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Lalor Starts News Website To Counter Liberal Media Bias, Lack Of Political Coverage

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Dutchess Sheriff Butch Anderson Named To Trump Reelection Committee

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New York Taxpayers Continue To Subsidize Blockbusters

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Orange County Awaits State Approval To Hold Arraignments At Jail

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West Point Cadet Won't Bring Porn Star To Winter Dance

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$2.3 Billion Plan To Decommission Indian Point Revealed

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Preet Bharara Endorses Challenger Rocah In Westchester DA's Race

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Lalor Interviews Parental Rights Activists Fighting Vaccine Mandate

Skoufis & Metzger Voted For Bail Reform Last Year, Now They Are Trying To Fix The Mess

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After Reportedly Jockeying To Be An Impeachment Manager, Rep. Maloney Snubbed By Pelosi

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Westchester County Exec Latimer On Playland

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New York Democrats Stay The Course On Bail 'Reform' Despite Crime Wave

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Released After Bail 'Reform' Accused Killer Returns To Face Murder Charge

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Caught And Released On Arson Charge, Warren County Man Rapes 14 Year Old

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Assemblyman Ashby (R) And Rensselaer District Attorney Donnelly (D) Call For Repeal Of Bail Reform

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Judge: Bail Reform Violates The 8th Amendment

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Three Democratic Leaders In Albany, Three Different Positions On Altering Bail 'Reforms'

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Former NYPD Commissioner Bratton Slams Bail Reform As A 'Disgrace'

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Opinion: New York's Bail Reform Set To Become Issue In Presidential Campaign

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Opinion: How New Jersey Did Bail Reform Better Than New York

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State Senate Dems Stymie GOP Attempt To Fix Criminal Justice 'Reform'

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Assembly Speaker Heastie On Criminal Justice 'Reform'

In Ulster Democrat DA & Democrat Sheriff Both Want To Fix Democrat Created Bail 'Reform'

Man Accused Of Killing Pedestrian While Driving Drunk Released Without Bail

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Man Set Free after Slugging NYPD Cop In Brooklyn No Show At Court Appearance

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Nassau, Suffolk Counties Team Up For ‘Common Sense’ Bail Reforms

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Suffolk County Sheriff Says Criminal Justice Reform Is An 'Atrocity'

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Dems Sharply Divided Over Undoing Controversial Bail 'Reform' Law

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Fire Commissioner: Criminal Justice ‘Reform’ Endangers Firsr Responders

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Neighbors Upset Long Island Peeping Tom Suspect Freed Due To New Bail Reform Laws

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Cuomo: Changes To New Cashless Ball Law Being Considered

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Opinion: Dem Nassau County Exec Says Take Another Crack At Bail Reform

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NY Bail 'Reforms" Help Free Alleged Murderer Who Killed Army Vet

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HIV-Positive Suspect Released By Judge After Attacking, Spitting In Port Authority Officer’s Mouth

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Barrett & Other HV Dems Refuse To Answer Media Questions About Vote For Justice ‘Reform’



Cuomo, Skoufis Mayer Receive Big Campaign Donations From Resorts World Casino

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Serino Proposal Calls For Immediate Warrants If Defendant Fails To Appear For Court

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Republican Senate Candidate Martucci Announces Run Against Metzger In SD42, Critical Of Bail Reform

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Metzger Has Abrupt Pivot Against Criminal Justice Reform After Voting For To Pass It Into Law

Read Full Article: TheDailyStar.com

Skoufis Pushes For An End To Daylight Savings Time

Assemblyman Cahill Wants To Block ICE From Courts

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Hudson Valley Democrats Bolster Campaign War Chests

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Brabenec Sends Letter To Trump Regarding New York Illegal Immigrant Driver's License Law

Putnam Valley Businessman Dario Gristina, Exploring Run Against Assemblywoman Galef In AD-90

Rad Full Article: TheExaminerNews.com

Assemblymember Paulin Endorses Mayor Pete

Read Full Article: CityAndStateNY.com

Skoufis Campaign War Chest Largest In The Region

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Dr. Josh Eisen A Self-Described 'Progressive Republican' Running For Lowey US House Seat

Read Full Article: YonkersTribune.com

Who Will Replace Nita Lowey?

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Crowded Field Of NY-17 Dem Primary Candidates To Debate January 26th

Read Full Article: The HudsonIndependent.com

Former Obama DOD Official Farkas Raises $460K In Six Weeks Since Launching Campaign

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Lowey Delivers Pork For New York Medical College

Read Full Article: NYMC.edu

MTV Puff Piece On NY-17 Dem Candidate Mondaire Jones

Read Full Article: MTV.com

Westchester County Clerk Endorses Buchwald In US House Run

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Democracy For America Endorses Mondaire Jones In NY-17

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Former Federal Prosecutor Is Among The Candidates For NY’s 17thCongressional District

Read Full Article:WAMC.org

Full List Of Candidates Running For NY-17

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Dr. Josh Joshua Eisen, Republican Congressional Candidate For NY-17 On WKIP's Issues & Interviews

Farley: Maloney And House Dems Lurching Toward Socialism

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Originally For Beto, Maloney Endorses Biden

Read Full Article: Politico.com

Chele Farley Reacts To Rep. Maloney's Support For Biden

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GOP Committees Unanimously Select Chele Farely To Take On Rep. Maloney In NY-18

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Republican Challenger Farley Lauds Trump For Killing Of Iranian Terrorist

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Maloney: US Killing Leading Iranian Terrorist A 'Big Gamble'

Read Full Article: RecordOnline.com 

Maloney Votes For War Powers Resolution On Iran

Read Full Article: SeanMaloney.House.gov

GOP Challenger Farley On Impeachment: 'Congress Has Failed Us'

Read Full Article: CheleFarley.com

Independent Candidate For NY-18 Claims He Received Death Threat

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Maloney Has No Faith In Facebook's Moral Compass

Read Full Article: MSNBC.com

Farley: NY Justice Reform Is Get Out Of Jail Free Card

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NRCC: Maloney Stand With Criminals

Read Full Article: NRCC.org

Opinion: Delgado's Easy Path Should Embarrass GOP

Read Full Article: TimesUnion.com

Dem Group Running Pro-Delgado Ads Focused On A Bill To Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Read Full Article: Blogs.HudsonValley.com

Delgado Votes For War Powers Resolution On Iran

Read Full Article: Delgado.House.gov

Delgado Pushing FCC For Broadband Funding

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Retired General Running For Congress In NY-19

Read Full Article: TonyGermanForCongress.com

NRCC: Delgado Stands With Criminals

Read Full Article:NRCC.org

Shadowy Hard Left "Resistance' Website Backing Delgado Reelection

Read Full Article:CD19Indivisible.org

Dem Activist In NY-19: 'Losing Is Not An Option'

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Delgado 2018 Victory One Of The Most Expensive Races In History

Read Full Article: TheHill.com

Who Is Going To Run Against Delgado In NY-19?

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